Advertising isn’t Advertising anymore.
Now what?

HINT: Do not involve the usual suspects.

Surround yourself with extraordinary characters that tell stories.
Hire storytellers that traffic in integrated ideas.
Who embrace the new normal and thrive, to create experiential, shareable, collaborative ideas.

I’m Ro, and I tell stories with gusto.


Football vs Fútbol

Adriana Lima, the World Cup and Kia convince teenage footballers, NASCAR watching bar patrons and man-cave jocks to become fútbol fans –“For one month, let’s all be fútbol fans.”

Break Glass

An integrated campaign & traveling installation w/a full size Nissan Armada in a custom-built shipping container. An Adventure Survival Kit offered urban living and driving tips. In Times Square, Hollywood, South Beach and more.


In this street scene the Nissan Maxima is so hot, it melts everything around it. Including parking meters, bicycles, signs and light posts.


A digital security firm whose clients cannot be touted. Teaser campaign, Brand film and Website launch –from concept to completion– in under four weeks!

Natural Forces

Perrier bottles and packaging were used as raw material to create sculptures that were installed in the hottest restaurants and bars in Barcelona.

The Letter A

Public Art project in Barcelona. 3-D Graffiti. Mixed media, site-specific street installations / interventions.

I’m a Street Artist
turned Creative Director.

Yeah ok, so what?
How does it make me a better Art Director?
More important, what’s the benefit for you?

Moving from Street Artist to CD matters because it gave me the creative grit to create something from nothing, daily.

It makes me a better AD because I learned early that bold thinking, inventive direction and persuasive creativity –with added grace– are essential to envision, shepherd and produce impactful work. Which gives me an edge in this era where “ADVERTISING ISN’T ADVERTISING ANYMORE”.

You benefit because my creative grit rises in the face of pressing deadlines, grueling bureaucracy, limited budgets, production snafus and client fears. I show up, produce great creative, beat deadlines, stay in budget and charm clients.
In short, you benefit because I make your life easier.


What I know


My Skills 

Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign








My Character











My Qualities







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Creative Director

Venice CA  |  rojelio.cabral@gmail.com  |  behance.net/rojelio  |  rocreate.com

summary More than a decade of creative experience and conceptual agility. A Street Artist turned Creative Director, I bring uncommon character and a knack for developing integrated Experiential work that drives traffic and Likes, and striking Web, TV, Print and Outdoor.

Creative Director
Leo Burnett, Argentina, 2010
Marlboro, Philip Morris International

Associate Creative Director
True Agency, LA CA, 2003–2007
Nissan, Infiniti, AARP, Hilton Hotels

Art Director
Ogilvy & Mather, NY NY, 1997–2000
IBM, Wamsutta, Ponds, Kodak

CD @ Walton Isaacson, Culver City CA, 2015
New Business

CD @ David & Goliath, El Segundo CA, 2012, 2013, 2014
Kia, NY NY Hotel & Casino, Monte Carlo Las Vegas Resort and Casino

ACD @ Ogilvy & Mather, LA CA, 2011
Proofpoint, Communities In Schools

AD @ The CDM Group, LA CA, 2011
Pfizer, Amgen

AD @ TBWA\Chiat\Day, LA CA, 2008

AD @ Equipo Singular, Barcelona Spain, 2002
Perrier, Spain

My New York Freelance Hustle, 2000–2001
Coca-Cola @ McCann; Anderson Consulting, AT&T, Nortel Networks @ Y&R;
Intel @ Messner; Global Crossing @ Gotham, Starwood Hotels @ DDB; FCB

International Sabbaticals, 2001–2003 and 2007–2009
Produced bodies of artwork for exhibition @ The Museum of Contemporary Art, LA
The Pasadena Museum of California Art and Barcelona Arte Contemporáneo Art Al Carrer III

Notable Experience
Commissioned Murals –National Endowment for the Arts, S.P.A.R.C., KNBC
Illustration –American Ill. Annual #23, US, Guitar and Lowrider Magazines
Select Bibliography –The History of LA Graffiti Vol.1; Graffiti LA; Graffiti Verité
Lollapalooza –Mean Art Tent 1995, touring visual artist

Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA

International sabbaticals
made me that rare creative.
Now I’m back, to set roots & prosper.

Wait, sabbati– what?!
Why do I bounce around so adventurously?
And how can you reap the rewards?

Sabbaticals are Creativity Training –I’ve taken purposeful time away from Advertising for professional creative development.

I’ve made adventurous moves because life is short. Sure it was counter intuitive and unconventional to pause my career, it was also highly effective. No risk, no reward.

You reap:  Increased creative production; concentrated art direction; global creative savvy; extra-inventive thinking; quicker imagination; richer, more diverse influences and booming creative experience; rooted creative confidence and exceptional adaptability.

How?  Meet me, and find out.

Street Art
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A curated selection of artwork will be featured in this mini-gallery.
My artwork showcase site is in the works…

Commissioned sculpture: 4′ x 10′.
Exhibition piece:
Street Cred @ the Pasadena Museum of California Art, 9′ x 5′.
Ink drawing:
The Getty Research Institute, Liber Amicorum book project, 19″ x 12″.

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