Football vs Fútbol

Adriana Lima, the World Cup and Kia convince teenage footballers, NASCAR watching bar patrons and man-cave jocks to become fútbol fans –“For one month, let’s all be fútbol fans.”

Break Glass

An integrated campaign & traveling installation w/a full size Nissan Armada in a custom-built shipping container. An Adventure Survival Kit offered urban living and driving tips. In Times Square, Hollywood, South Beach and more.


In this street scene the Nissan Maxima is so hot, it melts everything around it. Including parking meters, bicycles, signs and light posts.


A digital security firm whose clients cannot be touted. Teaser campaign, Brand film and Website launch –from concept to completion– in under four weeks!

Natural Forces

Perrier bottles and packaging were used as raw material to create sculptures that were installed in the hottest restaurants and bars in Barcelona.

The Letter A

Public Art project in Barcelona. 3-D Graffiti. Mixed media, site-specific street installations / interventions.