How hot is the new Nissan Maxima redesign? So hot, it melts everything around it!
We created a street scene in which the city furniture –parking meters, street lamps, even a bicycle– were intervened and appeared to melt around the car.
The street scene was installed in NYC and LA. It was up for a week at a time in each of the three high-traffic locations –SOHO, East Village, Hollywood Sunset and LA Melrose, to name a few.

The Hotness Street Scene campaign was featured in Advertising Age, Creativity and New York Magazine.


Proofpoint, a digital security firm, asked us to relaunch their website, come up with an online teaser campaign and create and produce a brand film –all within a four week deadline. No problem!

Animated banners
For security reasons we could not mention any of their major clients, and they are major. Attention getting creatives that we are, we decided to list them! Then, instantly redact them.

The challenge was to simplify their in-depth –at times necessarily technical– product offerings, industry categories, resources and case studies. We mostly succeeded with our set goal of “no more than 3-clicks deep” to get your information.

Brand Film
Create and produce a 2-minute film to woo investors. It was played in Times Square and was content for the Website.