Break Glass

We positioned the Nissan Armada as the SUV for urban adventure by placing a full-size Armada inside a customized fire-engine red storage container, attaching an over-sized hammer and daring the public to “Break Glass In Case Of Adventure”. A set of cards labeled Adventure Survival Kit, designed with urban adventure driving tips using the Armada, were dispensed from the container.
The integrated campaign, which included TV and Print, was high-impact and cost-effective.

The Armada was placed in nine cities, in three high-profile locations each. Times Square in NY, the Capitol Building in DC, South Beach in Miami and the Sunset Strip in LA, among others.
Alas, many tried but no one broke the glass.
(Trivia: the hammer is a replica of the one used in the “1984” spot for Apple;)


How hot is the new Nissan Maxima redesign? So hot, it melts everything around it!
We created a street scene in which the city furniture –parking meters, street lamps, even a bicycle– were intervened and appeared to melt around the car.
The street scene was installed in NYC and LA. It was up for a week at a time in each of the three high-traffic locations –SOHO, East Village, Hollywood Sunset and LA Melrose, to name a few.

The Hotness Street Scene campaign was featured in Advertising Age, Creativity and New York Magazine.

Natural Forces

Perrier bottles and packaging were used as raw material to create sculptures that were installed in the hottest restaurants and bars in Barcelona. Including the fashionable Borne, hip Raval and ritzy Zona Alta neighborhoods.

Perrier is naturally bubbly, not artificially carbonated. Each sculpture illustrated one of the five naturally occurring physical forces of this carbonation process –Time, Gravity, Pressure, Force and Decomposition.
Pictured are a few of the nine sculptures that made up this campaign.

The Letter A

After 15 years of drawing A’s -pencil to paper, marker to metal, aerosol to wall- I turned to sculpting A’s and inserting them into the city environment. The recycled materials used in constructing the A’s were located in the vicinity of the installation site.
These 3-D graffiti pieces were created for the second annual BAC!, Barcelona Arte Contemporáneo, 2002.

I show a close-up image and then a wider shot to show the context, whenever possible.
Shown are eight pieces, from a series of thirty.